Friends of Cedarlands
Pre-Camp 2008 Gallery
I had the opportunity to take an afternoon hike through Cedarlands two weeks before summer camp is due to start! There have been many opinions about the logging in base camp this year. I want this gallery of photos to clear up any misconceptions about Cedarlands being 'clear cut' or 'destroyed,' as that is clearly not the case. I was very happy with what I saw on my hike and had a great time getting these pictures!

~Matthew Taylor
The Nature Trail
I started off on the Nature Trail happy to find that it was hardly touched at all. It was thick and full of trees and great views of the lake. I arrived to where the old chapel once stood and saw that it was neatly cleaned up and stacked by our Beaver Weekend volunteers! On a side note, the chapel was unfortunately due for demolition for some years now because of its poor foundation and structural condition. As I continued down the trail I came upon the fishing leanto and the fishing dock.
Waterfront and Road to Cayuga
Next stop was the waterfront. Everything is in pre-camp mode but will become very lively very soon! Along the road to Cayuga I began to see some of the logged areas. As you can see from the pictures the logging was a selective cut. The younger trees will grow into older and more sunlight will promote growth of new trees! I also ran into a few deer along the way!
Cayuga Campsite
Cayuga campsite is by far the hardest hit site on Cedarlands. With that being said, Cayuga was also considered by many to be the muddiest and most overgrown campsite. Many trees in the campsite itself were removed but the campsite is still surrounded by forest. More sunlight will help dry out tents and dry the ground faster. Being on staff for many years I can say that wind storms scare us all the most. I hope that the removal of these dangerous trees has prevented future threats.
Cayuga to Shooting Sports
From Cayuga I continued down the road to Shooting Sports. The roads are still very green and lush. Many areas have been thinned out but are still very green and full of plant life. A section of once tall grass has been cut and a view of a nearby mountain can now be seen! There are a few areas where a path has been cut so that logging machinery could get in and out of the woods. It has been talked about making these paths into foot trails. A new Rifle Range is due to go up by next summer. An area has been cleared which will put the new building further back giving shooters more range to shoot! And looking from the range you can see that everything is still very green.
The New, The Old and The Office
A ton of thanks goes out to our Beaver Weekend volunteers who were able to make a whole lot more outriggers and tent platforms for campsites that donít yet have them! After an uncountable number of years the antique road and Steinhorst Trail grader is still looking for work despite being replaced by bulldozers! The new office construction is underway again and the tin roof will be installed very soon!
Climbing Tower
When I heard the news last year that Cedarlands was going to acquire a 50+ foot climbing tower I was ecstatic. Now a new road up to the top of the hill has such a tower that overlooks the entire base camp area!
Back to Base Camp
Ending the hike I walked down the main road into Base Camp. The road into camp and roads all around camp are much better. Many large rocks, most notably by Mohawk and Algonquin, were removed and the roads all appear to have been regraded. Overall camp looks very good for just being freshly logged. There will be many service projects for troops this year. And I want to thank the volunteers who have been absolutely amazing this year!