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Cedarlands to be Sold
Message from the Revolutionary Trails Council Executive Board:

Last night the Executive Board overwhelmingly accepted the Properties Committee’s recommendation to keep Camp Kingsley and sell both Cedarlands and Camp Russell. The presentation discussion and debate lasted over 2-1/2 hours. While I’m not at liberty to discuss the appraised values of any of the properties, the decision ultimately was about money and being able to deliver a camping program for the next 50 years+. As you probably know the Council has operated in the RED 5 out of the past 6 years. The camping program has contributed to these deficits. Further the Board has earmarked all net sales to the redevelopment of the camping program by establishing a camping endowment. 5% to 10% of the net sales will be immediately available for the transition to one camp at Kingsley. Each subsequent year 5% of the value of the endowment will be available for camp operations and maintenance.

We will immediately be asking National BSA to send their engineering folks to Kingsley to assist us with a development plan. The Board will be appointing two committees in the near future, program development and property development to create the long range plan at Kingsley. While I know that many of you are disappointed about this decision, it was necessary for the future of the Council. I ask that everyone put your personal opinions aside and focus on making Camp Kingsley on outstanding program and facility for the next generations of scouts. As President Kline stated last night “the trigger has been pulled and now the real work begins”. We need to have the best people available on these committees and hope that you will help when asked.

Posted: December 14, 2014
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Posted: January 24, 2010